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    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Thursday, September 05, 2019 00:58:03
    So have some Logitech webcams (e.g. C910, C615) and one of their (Logitech's) device drivers (specifically, lvrs64.sys) has caused periodic Windows crashes (BSOD with different errors) over the years, but with the latest Windows 10 update, it started crashing my system daily. The latest version of this driver appears to be from 2012 and Logitech is not interested in actually addressing any problems with it (as many users have reported this issue, but it has never been fixed). I use these cameras as security cameras, so I didn't wish to disable them or toss them.

    The lvrs64.sys device driver appears to be audio related, so the "fix" (so far, at least) is to just disable the cameras from the Windows Device Manager "Sound, video and game controllers" tree, while leaving them enabled in the "Imaging Devices" tree. So the audio input from these cameras no longer works, but at least I can still get the video feed (much more important for my needs) and my computer stopped crashing.

    Just wanted to pass on that tid-bit,

    digital man

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