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    From ROB MCCART@VERT/CAPCITY2/CAPCITY to DENN on Wednesday, October 02, 2019 09:10:00
    my uncle who is an electrician and mechanic calls it the weakest link theory. once you fix one thing and make it 100%, it stresses the other components until the next thing fails, and so on.

    That sounds just like my car, I replaced the battery the alternator goes out
    >I replace the alternator the starting motor goes out now I have to replace th
    >power steering pump, your Uncle is a wise man lol.

    When you guys started talking about cars I was thinking you meant something else. In my misspent youth I was into custom motorcycles and muscle cars and I built up a 575 HP Chevelle SS. While going through the growing pains with
    that I ran into things like.. bald rear tires at 2000 miles that should have been good for 40,000 miles.. so I got 14" wide Indy tires.. and then blew out a high performance corvette clutch in 1500 miles.. so I got a custom made clutch good for 800 HP, and then tore the rear end out of it. So I got a new rear end with 4/11 Shaefer racing gears in it.. and blew the transmission..
    Eventually the rear tires became the weak link again and you start over..

    But Re: odd things blowing when a part is replaced, I've heard of people putting in a new alternator and then having just about every light bulb in the car blow, probably due to being old and used to lower voltages.

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