• exec/showmsghdr.js showms

    From rswindell@VERT to CVS commit on Thursday, April 05, 2018 02:22:00
    exec showmsghdr.js 1.3 1.4 showmsgavatar.js 1.1 1.2 showfileavatar.js 1.2 1.3 logon.js 1.32 1.33
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/exec
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv27935

    Modified Files:
    showmsghdr.js showmsgavatar.js showfileavatar.js logon.js
    Log Message:
    Don't "clear the background attribute" by setting the attributes to 0
    (black on black) as this can inadvertently "hide" text for ANSI users
    (e.g. poll comments, when reading a poll message). Set to 7 (lightgray) instead.

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