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    Log Message:
    So Nelgin noticed that in novice (non-expert) menu mode, the A/S/D cmds
    from the Chat menu would immediately clear the screen and redisplay the
    menu after displaying the change in the node's state. This was due to the enhancement in rev 1.77 of con_out.cpp whereby we no longer increment
    lncntr if the first lines displayed after a key-press are blank (who
    cares if blank lines scroll off the screen?). That's fine and all, but the auto-pause check in outchar(FF) would only auto-pause if the line-counter
    was greater than *one* (has been this way since forever). So with the enhancement in 1.77, a single non-blank line displayed after a key-press
    was now not enough to trigger the auto-pause ([Hit a Key] prompt).
    So I've changed the line-counter trigger value to greater than *zero*,
    which means we could have some new excessive auto-pauses, but other places where auto-pause wasn't working, should again.

    One new excessive auto-pause was after the system password was entered at
    the SY: prompt, so that fix is included in this commit.

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