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    From rswindell@VERT to CVS commit on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 03:39:00
    src/sbbs3 answer.cpp 1.97 1.98 con_out.cpp 1.85 1.86 data_ovl.cpp 1.26 1.27 logfile.cpp 1.61 1.62 logout.cpp 1.30 1.31 main.cpp 1.720 1.721 pack_qwk.cpp 1.79 1.80 sbbs.h 1.483 1.484 xtrn.cpp 1.235 1.236 xtrn_sec.cpp 1.85 1.86
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    Modified Files:
    answer.cpp con_out.cpp data_ovl.cpp logfile.cpp logout.cpp
    main.cpp pack_qwk.cpp sbbs.h xtrn.cpp xtrn_sec.cpp
    Log Message:
    sbbs_t::lputs() now handles the adding of the log message prefixes
    ("Node X", user alias, etc.) - so removing a lot of the redundancies.
    Also, logging the current timed event code and other prefixes in the
    event thread log messages - something I've wanted for a while now.
    There might be some redundant "Node X" strings, so if you see some funny looking log message, please let me know.

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