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    From Nelgin@VERT/EOTLBBS to echicken on Friday, August 31, 2018 04:28:00
    echicken wrote:
    Commit ID: ab5deb90260de68f2fb32667e7877eb79ee5a9fb
    Author: echicken
    Modified: web/lib/language/english.ini, web/root/api/system.ssjs, web/sidebar/.examples/001-nodelist.xjs

    Hide the entire nodelist if ain't nobody online.
    Only show nodes what gots somebody on them.
    Don't show node numbers, show connection methods. Is less cheesy yesno? You'll wanna copy web/sidebar/.examples/001-nodelist.xjs up to web/sidebar/001-nodelist.xjs after pulling down this update.

    If it's not broken don't fix it. It can be quite a shock to update something and find what you use had disappeared. If you want to reduce clutter by removing an existing feature, it should be implemented as an option that can
    be turned off (or on if you really must).

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  • From echicken@VERT/ECBBS to Nelgin on Friday, August 31, 2018 06:20:00
    Commit ID: 830c1a6659b6e7ae22bd301b325edb767e4aecda
    Author: echicken
    Modified: web/root/api/system.ssjs

    Include node number in node object array element.

    Commit URL: https://github.com/echicken/synchronet-web-v4/commit/830c1a6659b6e7ae22bd301b325edb767e4aecda

    Commit ID: 24cbf421619a6345483684afadc7cfb677ad4ffe
    Author: echicken
    Modified: web/lib/language/english.ini

    node column and connection column entries.

    Commit URL: https://github.com/echicken/synchronet-web-v4/commit/24cbf421619a6345483684afadc7cfb677ad4ffe

    Commit ID: 2d29218c61a8ece24dead5ee23aae581c7ba01fd
    Author: echicken
    Modified: web/sidebar/.examples/001-nodelist.xjs

    Use the 'active_node_list' setting to decide between listing only
    active nodes vs. only nodes in use.

    Commit URL: https://github.com/echicken/synchronet-web-v4/commit/2d29218c61a8ece24dead5ee23aae581c7ba01fd

    Commit ID: 2bad4dde345cdb094e79834b95671d0386e5b1ab
    Author: echicken
    Modified: web/lib/init.js

    Default active_node_list to true.
    Some ... pathing change I don't remember making and not sure if it matters.

    Commit URL: https://github.com/echicken/synchronet-web-v4/commit/2bad4dde345cdb094e79834b95671d0386e5b1ab

    Repository URL: https://github.com/echicken/synchronet-web-v4

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