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    con_out.cpp putmsg.cpp
    Log Message:
    Since rev 1.27 of prntfile.cpp (Sept-30), the stock scanmsg.asc menu
    ('?' from the Reading Messages prompt) would not fully display because
    it contains a Ctrl-Z character (for the right-arrow symbol). Rather than
    revert the menu() change (where CPM-EOF mode is the default for menu
    files) - change the Ctrl-AZ sequence from "premature end-of-file" to instead send an actual Ctrl-Z character (similiar to Ctrl-AA, Ctrl-AL, etc.). This changes the long-standing behavior of what Ctrl-AZ does, but since that was
    a dubious "feature" that I'm pretty sure nobody used, I'm will to take that chance. If you need a premature EOF now, just use a regular ole Ctrl-Z
    char instead (or even the @eof@ code). Of course the msgscan.asc now has
    to change accordingly.

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