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    Update display/menu file selection logic based current terminal capabilities. Newly supported files: text/menu/*.msg (higher priority than .asc when the terminal supports IBM extened ASCII, aka CP437). These are the same format
    as .asc files (and supported more readily by PabloDraw).
    Newly supported files: text/menu/*.seq - native PETSCII files for PETSCII terminals only. Support in the underlying putmsg() function is still
    Also, the text/*.msg files now supports alternative file formats for RIP/ANSI/PETSCII, if the files exist.
    WIP menu support removal.
    The new menu/display file selection priority will be detailed on wiki.synchro.net, but rest assured, it's backwards compatible with
    the previous/old priority with the exception of the removal of WIP support
    and HTML support.

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