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    msg_id.c postmsg.cpp sbbsecho.c
    Log Message:
    Don't generate FTN message-IDs for messages imported via FTN that are missing a message-ID (e.g. when exporting from SBBSecho).
    This addresses compliance with this [editorialized] clause in FTS-9:
    No system
    should ever add an MSGID and/or REPLY to, or modify an existing
    MSGID / REPLY contained in, a message not originating on that [FTN]

    Messages gated from other networks (technically coming from another system,
    but originating into an FTN from this system) will still have an FTN Message-ID generated/added.

    Since SBBSecho normally tosses to downlinks directly from packets, this adding of generated Message-IDs would no normally occur. However, if a downlink rescanned an area, any messages missing Message-IDs would get them generated automatically and they would appear to have originating on the local system. This was never the intention, so this is just a long standing but infrequently observed (and never reported) bug.

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