• exec/load/fidoaddr.js

    From echicken@VERT to CVS commit on Saturday, November 24, 2018 06:38:00
    exec/load fidoaddr.js 1.1 1.2
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/exec/load
    In directory cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv13274/load

    Modified Files:
    Log Message:
    Rewrite of parse method.
    Handle 5D addresses (with or without point component).
    Validate numeric address components and domains per FSP-1028.
    Return value (if an object) now contains 'domain' property (if present).
    Should fix processing of TICs with associated 5D addresses.
    Introduces an unwieldy and overwrought regex. Unf unf.
    May break the entirety of fidomicrocyberchatnet.

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