• src/uifc/filepick.c

    From rswindell@VERT to CVS commit on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 03:07:00
    src/uifc filepick.c 1.41 1.42
    Update of /cvsroot/sbbs/src/uifc
    In directory cvs:/home/rswindell/sbbs/src/uifc

    Modified Files:
    Log Message:
    Get rid of this file's local getdirname() in favor of the xpdev/dirwrap.c function of the same name. The dirwrap version (now) behaves identically
    when passed a pathname ending in a directory name (ending in a '/') but
    differs when passed a pathname ending in a file name (not ending in a '/'). That should be okay.

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