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    If you were a lucky "early adopter" and had rev 1.7 running on your BBS

    you probably noticed the following important changes introduced in rev 1.8:
    * exec/minesweeper.js was moved to xtrn/minesweeper/minesweeper.js
    * text/minesweeper.hlp was moved to xtrn/minesweeper/minesweeper.hlp

    * data/minesweeper.json was moved to xtrn/minesweeper/winners.jsonl

    If you already had game winners and want to retain them in the list, copy
    or rename the data/minesweeper.jsonl to xtrn/minesweeper/winners.jsonl.
    If you don't care, the game will run fine and new winners will be added to
    the new/correct filename.

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