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    The long-await much-anticipated Minesweeper 2.0:
    * Lost games now logged in losers.jsonl, viewable in the game, not shared
    * The new 'L' command shows all local wins and losses, most recent first
    * Use the CP437 "F with a hook" character for flag indicator
    * Added support for an uncertain (?) block marker
    * Multiple block-selector styles available, use Ctrl-S to cycle through
    * TAB key toggles the area-highlight feature
    * Center the game board vertifically in the terminal
    * Blink the clock red when there are 5 minutes or less of time left
    * (R)eveal command changed to (D)ig, it is a mine *field* after-all! :-0
    * Disable more global hot keys while in the game: Ctrl-K/O/Z
    * Save/restore user preferences for difficulty level, highlight, and selector
    * Support for "Chording" a time-saving move that can be used to uncover all
    covered/unflagged blocks surrounding a previously-uncovered block with the
    correct number of flagged blocks surrounding it. Via the 'C' key.
    * Don't prompt for difficulty level when first running the game.

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