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    Invoking a JavaScripot global hot key event handler (e.g. nodelist.js) *while* running a JavaScript module would crash (e.g. segfault) sbbs:
    Create and use a separate JS runtime, context, and global object/scope for global hotkey events. This means that the hotkey won't benefit from any previously loaded/required scripts, possibly effecting the performance of the first invocation of the hotkey handler. Subsequent JS hotkey events will reuse the same runtime/context/global, so they'll execute fast(er).

    One questionalbe change to js_execfile():
    With the JS_GC (garbage collection) call *before* the JS_ENDREQUEST() call, the process would crash in libmozjs. Moving the JS_GC() call to *after* the JS_ENDREQUEST() resolved this issue and I'm not clear why. This 'js_cx' parameter here is not always sbbs_t::js_cx. When called to handle a JS hotkey event, it's sbbs_t::js_hotkey_cx, so it shouldn't interfere with the sbs_t::js_cx being used by the currently executing JS module (shell or door). <scratches chin>

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