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    boom1.bin boom2.bin boom3.bin boom4.bin mine.bin
    Log Message:
    Add a "mine" block-art splash screen. This one's not bad.
    Add a few (badly drawn) "boom" splash screens, displayed when a mine is detonated. I really would like an ANSI/block artist to replace or add to
    these with some decent art (Grymmjack, Kirkman?).
    Fixed a couple of cosmetic issues I noticed when watching the Minesweeper YouTube video back, e.g. extra digit on the count-down timer.
    Fixed a bug in place_mines() that could place one too-few mines on the board
    if the player were extra lucky (the initially selected cell was chosen for a random mine placement).
    When detonating a mine while cloning, display the detonated mine in the file board screen as detonated (and not a regular/undetonated) mine.

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