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    According to August Abolins (2:221/1.58):
    "Other systems produce [FTN MSG-IDs for NetMail messages) quite nicely: HotdogEd, BBBS, Mageia, Platinum
    Express, GED+LNX, and OpenXP. I took it for granted that SBBS would be
    in the same league. It makes it super easy to link up a netmail
    conversation or generate a graphical-tree when a msgid exists.

    I was spoiled into thinking that msgid was ubiquitous in netmail as well."

    Reviewing FTS-9, I see no restriction to only echomail, so sure, why not: add_msg_ids() now adds FTN Message-IDs to outbound NetMail messages too (not just FTN echomail). No configuration or SBBSecho change needed.

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    Don't include message number in origaddr portion of FTN NetMail MSGIDs

    Some old/unsupported FidoNet software (NetMgr? Squish?) reportedly parse addresses from MSGID control/kludge lines in NetMail messages to determine the source and/or destination address. This is clearly a bad idea for a lot of reasons, but to improve compatibility, let's not include the message number (or an '@') in the origaddr field for NetMail messages. This does slightly increase the chance of a duplicate MSGID being accidentally generated if the "mail" base is renumbered. No change for EchoMail MSGIDs (where dupe detection and threading still benefit from the additional entropy).
    For Watchman.

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